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Let's be careful out there ...


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That makes one flinch. I live in a SE Idaho small city. About 80,000 people and ignorant stop lights. Everyone goes thru yellow lights, then count 2-3 more burning the red light. 5-7 during my last informal visual survey, were either texting on their babble phone (against the state law, unenforced) or yapping on it using bilateral hand and arm signals for clarity.


Left hand turns in front of my bike 3-4 per day, requiring aggressive emergency procedures. ALL of them are either on their phones, don't use a turn signal, or are completely careless as we are in eye contact when they do it.


If it's on more than 2 wheels, don't trust it, just assume the driver will do the stupidest thing imaginable and plan and out for every encounter.


Another indicator of brain death behind the wheel, packing a 3 lb hamburger down the neck WHILE sipping the Super Gulp from the local gas station.


Rant complete.

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I want to see the video from the point where he turns around and catches up to the driver.


The article indicated he didn't go after the driver...which is remarkable by itself. Perhaps thought professional restraint might not be at the highest right then? Idaho, those cagers running red lights must hail from Atlanta, if you ride off at green there you must have a death wish. I've seen 5-6 cars coming thru past yellow there, unbelievable...

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Ubiquitous problem.


Scofflaws KNOW that the chance of being seen, let alone caught and charged is miniscule.


Here we have a cop decline to act, for whatever reason.


If he won't, why expect change in behaviour from the cage?

Pity the rider who doesn't fare as well next time this driver turns left.



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The article said the cop didn't pursue because he felt it wasn't safe to do so. I'm not a LEO but don't think much of trying to do a U-turn on that narrow busy road, then go back to the intersection, then hope the *#^$ is still visible. Pick your battles.

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Most likely, but, there were 2+ dashed sections of paint when the wheels of the car began turning.

That is 60+feet to react/slow/which he did.

There was a large paved area immediately on the right to pull into after slowing.

Looked fairly rural.

Not too hard to roll back and turn after pulling over.

He has lights.

Makes the turnaround a lot easier than you or me on our rides.

Just saying...

understand both POV.

Besides, even if he did catch the driver the court would probably give a verbal reprimand and some low fine, maybe make the driver bring donuts to the station.


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Good instinctive reaction from the rider, didn't panic and didn't fixate on the car, just went for the only open spot.

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