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Stock Seat Question


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My used 2004 R1150RT came with two seats, one of which is wider. I assume the wider of the two is considered the "comfort seat". Is this true and did all RTs come with two seats or was the extra seat an option? (I dont use the wide seat and need to clean the garage.) Thanks Paul

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The Wide seat was the Standard seat on the 1150.

The narrow seat was the standard seat on the 1100.

I am surprised you don't prefer the wider seat as it makes a big difference to long distance comfort (along with the adjustment mechanism being jacked up by a few mm.

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I believe the Comfort seat was an option on the 1150, standard delivery came with the regular, or narrow seat. We Un-affectionately called it the Un-Comfort seat at the time, as few found relief in the torture rack that came with the bike, nor the comfort seat. If you have two, then the previous owner added one. Having an extra seat is valuable for someone as they could send the pan to a custom seatmaker while retaining one for riding.


And please get after that garage, it's a mess. :/

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Initally, the Comfort was an option. I think through 2002.

In 2003, our RT's starting coming sporadicly with them, and by mid-year, they all had the Comfort.


If you decide to sell it, I'll give you 50 bucks for it just to be a nice guy.

Those things are great places for spiders and scorpions to build nests in. You sure don't want spiders and scorpions in your garage do you?


Hey, call me a humanitarian.


Seriously, I'll pay a fair price for it if its in nice shape, no spider eggs .



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I bought a 2004 RT-P that had the un-comfort seat, and I have a large butt and found the bike to be seriously uncomfortable. I swapped for a comfort seat, made my own shim kit to raise the seat mount a little, and added my own fabricated footpeg lowering kit, and now the bike is transformed! It is now quite comfortable for a giant guy like me. After 10 hours riding I no longer have a painful backside.

The last mod I will be doing is to fabricate a 'laminar lip' for the top of the W/S to give a little smoother airflow over the top. It should be perfectly comfortable for all-day tours after that. I have special needs because of my freakish size (6' 6". 330 lbs).

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My 2004 1150RT came with the comfort seat as standard. I replaced it with what other people (not me) refer to as the un-comfort seat. For me it was a matter of feeling more comfortable with my feet flat on the ground. The wider seat only let my toes touch. I'd like to replace the seat I have now with another un-comfort one. If I go for any long length ride, I use an Alaskan butt pad. That combination works for me.

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