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Audio Overheat


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Time to visit the dealer for some warranty work. Curious if anyone else has experienced either of the following (likely related) problems.


1) Sometime after the bike warms up, the USB output connection quits. I usually have my phone connected to it and the obvious indication is the phone quits charging. At first I thought it was a bad cable but get the same results with known good cables.


2) On my trip back from Central Florida at the beginning of March, the audio output would cycle on for 25 seconds, off for 5 seconds. Same results no matter which source was selected (AM, FM, Sirus). This began happening about 3 hours into the ride. Hasn't happened since.


Today I ran a diagnostic check with the GS-911 and saw two recorded faults under XAUDIO: B7F80D USB Connection, short circuit and B7F818 Sirius aerial, open circuit. Neither fault was present so it looks like these faults may come and go.


That's it. Not sure when I can make it over to the dealer so it may be a while before I reveal the fix.

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