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Wintering in Spain, anybody with experience?


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My wife and I are thinking of spending a big part of next winter in southern Spain.


Any recommendations for a stay of about 10 weeks?


Never been to Europe before, think this would be a nice introduction.

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Dave McReynolds

Depends on what you want. The Costa del Sol is very continental and a vacation spot for all of Europe. I like Granada better for more of an immersion in Spanish culture. If I didn't have grandchildren and other obligations, I would probably live in the south of Spain, at least for part of the year.

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If I had 10 weeks I would pick 4 or 5 cities, rent an apartment in each. My own choices would depend on whether I intended to do any riding. But if you've never been to Spain, Madrid, Granada, Barcelona, and Toledo might be good starters. Even in the Winter, Barcelona is worth a week. The Costa del Sol during the peak winter months has always turned me off a bit. Have fun, lots to see and do. Good food, museums and lots of history in Spain.

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