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Too much oil topping off bike? Window is totally full - help.


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This morning after a short ride, I went to fill up w gas. 2014 r1200rtwc.


Checked oil level too. Oil looked to be at the bottom of the circle in the window. I topped off the oil to almost the top of circle, and now when I look at oil level after riding, I see no level. The whole window is full.


Looks as though the oil filled too much. Is this really bad? Will it burn off quickly, or should I drain all oil and refill? I put in almost 3/4 qt. Don't want to harm the engine and seems to run fine.


Thanks in advance.

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Sounds like you didn't get a good read and now you do. If you have been checking your oil and you know it was getting low then I think your fine. That much extra in my 02 would blow off into the air box which could make a mess but not hurt anything other then maybe the need for new filter at worse.



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What happens to the extra oil when it's been overfilled? I've actually drained all the oil and am refilling anyways.


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Basically, the extra oil level can cover part of the crankshaft and as it spins (in conventional engines, not sure about the boxer configuration), this can introduce air into the oil itself as it splashes around in the oil bath. Oil with air bubbles can be bad on an oil pump. Too much oil can also raise operating pressure and damage/blow out seals.

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Thanks for the replies everyone. I've drained all the oil and replaced with new. Level through the sight glass looks fine now and the bike runs great.


Can only guess that the engine was not up to proper temps when I checked level and got a false reading. All is good now.

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