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Worn Spline Video

Jim Moore

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Stan Walker

Ungood splines for sure.... It would be interesting to have a picture of them when the bike gets torn down. My '02 had maybe 1/4 of that when I last checked (around 110,000 miles on bike at the time). Hard to be positive when trying to compare a video to a memory (at my age...).


But do notice that it's not an '02,,,,,,

It's not even an RT,,,,,,


I'm not sure what box should get ticked in dirtrider's poll, if any.




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How about a video of factory fresh splines! We do need something to compare to.


When it's "factory fresh", there is zero slop in the assembly. I checked it when I rebuilt the transmission in my RT. It had a new transmission input shaft and a new clutch disk. If you can rotate the clutch disk on the shaft AT ALL, then you have a problem and it's just a matter of time before it strips.

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