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Trouble re-installing my center stand. Tips? Tricks?


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So, I had remove my center stand for a welding repair.

When trying to re-install, the left pivot bushing (what my repair book identifies that part) doesn't want to go all they way in. The left one is a bit longer than the right. The Right pivot bushing does fit.

I'm fairly certain that when I removed the pivot bushings from the bike, I kept the left and right apart and marked for installation.


FYI, The welding repair had nothing to do with this part of the assembly.


Just wondering if there are any tips or tricks on re-installing your center stand.



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Afternoon James


It could be about anything from a warped stand from welding on it, to a burr in the bushing bore (maybe from the welding ground clamp arcing a bit if he grounded the piece there)


Assuming you have the bushings in the correct location you might have to pull it back apart then inspect the bushings & bushing bores.

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I have installed one but I removed three of them, two R1100RT and an R1150RT. I found that they can be pretty difficult to work with due to corrosion, dirt, and bits of residue from the o-rings. I spent considerable time cleaning everything up including lots of time with the emery cloth.


You might want to start there. Could you be fighting a o-ring or part of an o-ring that was left in the bore?

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While they are not identical, I have a disassembled R1150RT stand in the garage that might be useful. I can inspect the parts and try to determine the cause of your problem.


Let me know.



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Upon further examination, it appears that the left mounting bracket has shifted just enough so it is no longer in alignment with hole the pivot bushing is to go through (that goes through the bottom of the engine?).


The motorcycle is on the side stand and I can only assume that the weight of the motorcycle has caused that to shift. The repair manual stated to use a jack to support the engine, but when I attempted to do that, the motorcycle seemed really unstable and I didn't want it to drop.


So, My thoughts are to get the unwilling wife to support the motorcycle as I use a jack to lift from below the engine and then to gently tap that mounting bracket back into position to allow me to sent the pivot bushing through.


Any other ideas? I'm open for suggestions at this point.

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Your plan sounds like a good one, other than that you'll owe the wife big time since she isn't volunteering.

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Hey James -

Do you still live two blocks from my place? I'd be happy to drop your bike so your wife doesn't have to... erm - I meant to say, I'd be happy to help out. I'm over in Beaverton now, but I'll be home around eight - weird schedule tomrorow, but I'm also free/home the first part of Wednesday or in the evening.



call if you like -

(local area code) 502 6283

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Yea! Success. She kept the motorcycle upright & steady as I gently tapped that left bracket back into place with a mallet and small block of wood. The bushing went in fairly smoothly. It took just a minute or two.


My wife corrected me on her description. "Unwilling" is incorrect. She says that she was "reluctant" to help but happy it worked out, it was a quick use of her time and that the repair was a success.


Thanks for everyone's advice and guidance.

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Hey szurszewski,

Thanks for the offer but was able to get it installed.


Let's meet up soon, now my bike is back to being roadworthy.

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