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tensioner bolt cross thread ?


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Hello to all,

I have a 1999 R1100R, that I replaced the LH cam chain tensioner. The question or concern that I have is, the new bolt that came with the kit. Threads in hard I had to wrench it in. It stared fine for about 2 turns by hand and that was it. It didn't feel like it was cross threaded, but like maybe the minor threads (valley) was cut a little large. Then out of curiosity I took it out and threaded in the old one all the way by hand. Now I did both of the tests with out the spring and piston in the bike. So what I am getting at is, has anyone else experienced this? Oh by the way I bought the parts from motor works in the UK.

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it may be worth spinning a nut down that tensioner bolt to make sure the threads are good.

DO NOT FORCE IT IN. You may well end up with a very bad situation.

If it doesn't go in, leave the old one in place until you have established the cause. Where are you based?

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Well I ran it in, I wouldn't say it was forced in . And when I backed it out and ran the old one back in, it went in smooth. So it tells me that it is not a problem with the threads in the barrel, but maybe the new tensioner bolt. I realize now that I screwed up (pun intended), but I am kinda committed to using the New tensioner. I am located in the U.S. I wish that I could post the picture I took to compare the new to the old.

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