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It's that time of year again: Board Donations.


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For the past few years, we've asked for donations as we've needed them, around January. But this past year, a few mid-year donations came in, and that's allowed us to push the annual Donation Request thread out to now.


As you all know, BMWSportTouring.com is a member-supported site. No banner ads. No click-through ads. Our web hosting and other costs are covered by the generosity in our hearts and our appreciation for all the other members who help make this a home we've all come to love. We count on each other to help keep this place going.


So, whatever you feel you can contribute is appreciated. For some it's more. For others it's whatever you can afford. What matters though, is that you're giving back in support of a group that we all hope has given you much.


So please feel free to PayPal your donation to BMWST.com@gmail.com. Please send it as a "gift" so we don't pay fees. If you don't have a PayPal account, PM me and I'll give you an address where you can send a check (made out to BMWST.com, please).


To all of you who make this the great place that it is, our thanks. As we've done in the past, we will post the names of donors (but not the amounts) in the Important Board Announcements Forum. If you don't want your name posted, please let me know when you contribute.

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As of today, we are just past the half-way point in our fund raising efforts, to ensure that we can cover our website hosting and other costs for the 2015-2016 year. A Great Big THANK YOU to those members who have chosen to give back to this website by donating to help cover those costs. Others, we know, are waiting. Sometimes it takes a pay period or two to free up the money, and some are waiting to see how they do with their tax returns before deciding how much they can afford. To those, we say, Bless You and Thank You for doing what you can to help keep this site moving forward.


I think we have the greatest members. I've never seen as much helpfulness, caring for each other, and willingness to share information, instruction, guidance or ideas, as I have here.


We will reach our goals. We always have for the past 16 years. It just takes time. I'm sure that in the next few days and weeks, it will come in and we'll be on solid ground for the coming year.


Again, our thanks to all of you for your support and for your generosity.

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Alright. It's happening. We're now up to 65% of our goal for this year. Thank You to all who have stepped up and given back.

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We've had some more members step up overnight. We are now at 76% of our goal. Thank you all.


We've just got a little ways more to go and we can be assured that for this coming year this great place will keep on being a second home to so many of us.


Thanks again.

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A few generous donations over the past day, and we're up to 88% of goal. Our thanks again to all who have been so giving and supportive. Just a little ways more to go.

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We're just about over the top. I'm waiting for a couple of donations that were promised to be sent by mail. Those, and maybe a few more online donations, and we should by good for another year.


Again thanks to all. I'll be glad when we reach our goal. This is always such a nerve-racking thing to do each year. But our members always step up and we make it! With luck, I hope that happens by the end of the weekend.

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As of about 5PM PST today, we have reached our fund raising goal to cover the basic hosting and other expenses it takes to run this board for the current year. Thank you to all for your generosity, whether you donated by PayPal, by check, or whose checks are "in the mail." It's a credit to all of you that we did this in just 11 days.


Now, having said that, if anyone was planning on donating, please still do so. Things pop up from time to time, and it is then that we dip into any financial reserve we have, to help cover those expenses. We've only covered the basic hosting costs for this coming year. We are still trying to build a little extra cushion (emphasis on "little," so if all you can swing is equal to a couple gallons of gas, that's just fine) to help ensure smooth running and no surprises. Please PayPal to BMWST.com@gmail.com


Again, the Admin Team would like to thank everyone who has donated, for their generosity. Like you, we all love this place and we intend to keep it going for as long as it serves its mission and purpose. We're at 15 years, going strong and growing. We look forward to the next 15 years (anyone want to take a guess at what the 2030 BMW's are going to look like?).




BMWST.com Admins

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OK, it's time to say Thank You once again and to let you know that your generosity has given us another year of hosting and operating fees, plus a little cushion.


So it's time to end our fund drive.


I have to tell you all that I am so pleased at the incredible generosity of our members. But not because there were any HUGE donations. But moreso because there were so MANY donations. They came in all sizes. They just rolled in and kept on coming. They all added up and we're good to go until this time next year. And that signals to the Admin Team that you love the board and you like how it's being run; that it's useful, usable and a valuable asset to your Sport Touring experience. We couldn't ask for more.


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