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Brake pad brands


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Again, I know! Specific question, though: rain.


I ran EBC HH on my previous ride (Honda VFR800) and loved them. I called CycleBrakes today, and the expert there said, gee, great pads but they do take a toll on the rotors. (Well, in theory, yes, I think, if you brake all the time!) He recommended Galfer Green. This stirred up dim memories of a set I had years ago, great in the dry but terrifying in the wet. Or maybe my memory is playing tricks.



Galfer Green

and might as well throw

Carbone Lorraine from Ted's place into the mix.


Does wet riding tip the balance in any particular direction? I see lots of EBC HH and Carbone fans here on the board, just in general.


Thanks in advance,


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Peter Horrocks

I've just changed all the pads on my R1100rt to EBC and the difference is amazing! For the first time since I bought the bike a year ago the back brake actually slows the bike down :clap:

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I've used both the EBC HHs and the CLs (purchased from Beemer Boneyard, I believe) with good results and no issues in the rain (I ride year round in the PNW). I just put a new set of EBC HHs on the rear, primarily because I wanted them *now* and could pick them up at the Cycle Gear that's close to my house.


I think you'll do fine with either. Maybe those Gaflers as well, but I've no experience there. Price for the EBCs is sure good.


PS - my rotors are just about to turn 100,000 miles and are still within spec.

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I have been running the EBC HH pads front and rear - forever it seems -

The pad feel is great, the wear on the disc is very acceptable

replaced a disc at 80000 miles.

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I put EBC's all around on my RT. Definitely noticed the difference after the bed-in. IMHO, better than stock with a much more progressive "feel" to them.



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Guest Kakugo

If you use a road-oriented compound (Carbone Lorraine AA3+, EBC HH, Braking CM55 etc) you have absolutely nothing to worry about in the rain. Brake pads have come a very long way in the past two decades: even sport-oriented compounds don't require as much heat they used to.


My vote is for Carbone Lorraine (apparently now called CL Brakes) AA3+.

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