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Switchgear Service Campaign

A-Red Bill

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I recently had the 6,000 mile service performed and was informed of a service campaign to replace the right side switchgear. The campaign affects 2014 RT’s built until May 4, 2014. The work takes about 15 minutes and there is no charge.

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Just had my annual service done yesterday and they replaced the RHS switchgear as well as a bolt on the gear lever and a reprogram of the ECU. No charge for the campaign recalls, service was AU$283 so okish.



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The build date is not generally available... I tried last week to find mine.


I called BMW Motorrad NA and the customer service rep looked it up in real time.


Just have your VIN handy. I asked her if there was a way to determine the date and she said no. Call BMW or call your dealer.


FWIW... there was a redesign of the water pump with the new part used after Feb of 2014. I have the new one... it leaked too...

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Since the bikes were part of the shock recall there was a recall list showing VIN and corresponding build date. I have a copy if anyone needs it or PM me your VIN and I'll give you the date it was built.

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So what do you do when the data is wrong??


It reports my R12RT, K54 to be a K52 R12R.


Go back to the dealer and get the right bike?



Are the other details incorrect also?


Google found two more decoders:




All three seem to be accurate for my '06 RT.



The options are correct (and are RT options, like the US radio -- not an R choice).


The decodervin.pl site also shows a K52 R1200R.


Just for S&G's I'll ask my dealer what BMW's system shows.

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