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Can't wait to get accessories

Pete B

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This is my first time posting. I've been riding for over 40 years but the r1150rt is my first touring bike. I just got it a few weeks ago. I haven't been able to get my wife to join me on any longer trips until now. Now she'll be comfortable. I look forward to some bike camping in the Sierra Nevada mountains. I want to get some accessories like cruise control, helmet communication system, radio, GPS, etc. Any input on good accessories would be appreciated.

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First off, welcome! You will find a wealth of help, information, and ways to open your wallet for good accessory items.


Definitely take a look at the local BMW club as a resource for information and, most importantly, some good people that ride and have fun.


Here's the link for information - LINKY


Welcome and enjoy!

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Thanks for the tip. The guys at A & S are really helpful. With the warm weather that we've been having, I might have to do a lap around lake Tahoe. :)

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Thank you for the welcome! This week it's been near 70 degrees here. Great for riding... but without some much needed rain and snow in the mountains, we will be quite thirsty come summer time!How about a little trade... a bit of your weather for a bit of my weather. Share and share alike.

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Hi Pete. Welcome. Let me know when you'll make the lap around Tahoe and, if you want some company, we'll join up.

As far as accessories, I just ordered helmet intercoms. With the Sena 20 series out, the smh10 prices are dropping. I went with Ebay item


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Thanks for the welcome. After you have tried out the Sena 20, let me know how you like it. I was thinking about the 10, just because of price, but if the 20 is a lot better I'll probably go that route. I hear Tahoe calling my name.

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Throtlemeister or Kaoko for the cruise control(throttle lock)


Look at the flea market here,GPS systems come up frequently,as do comm systems.


If you just want to chat with the SO and get GPS directions,look at the Sena SMH5 series too.


A BMW Nav lV GPS is not a bad choice,also the earler Garmin Zumo Zumo 550 or nearly equivalent BMW Zumo.

Others are Garmin Montana or Zumo 590.

If you want Sirus/XM radio then the Garmin Zumo 665 or Garmin Zump 550 with accessory antenna.


Lots of folks are now using Pandora or similar internet radio thru their phones,bluetooth linked thru the comm system.

Or just load up a bunch of music on you phone or MP3 player and Bluetooth it.

Saves a bunch of wiring that way.




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That sounds great! I live just off of highway 49 about 4 or 5 hours north of there. That area is gorgeous riding country in the spring or anytime really. Thanks for the heads up.


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