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Boot Recommendation


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I'm looking for a new pair of boots.


My criteria:



Waterproof (GoreTex level of waterproofing, not seam sealed rubber level)

Good Value


Any recommendations?


Thank you,


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There was a recent thread on this very topic - here. You might find some of those observations helpful.


I should probably be tracking this also, as my boots don't have as much grip on the soles as they used to.

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I have to say that my experience with motorcycle boots is similar to hiking boots and ski boots. If a manufacturer has a footbed that works with my foot, it usually does for most of their models. I have used the BMW all-round for 9 years and been happy with it, but it doesn't have the best protection. But they were waterproof and comfortable.


Much as I love the numbers and other people's experience with TCX, Sidi, Dainese, Rev'it and Gaerne they all fit my foot like $hit. I went with the Alpinestars Touchan because it fits my foot the best and Gortex has been very good with replacing "leaky" examples. But getting that thick toe under the shift lever is nearly impossible so I have to shift with the lever between the sole and toebox. I also had to adjust the brake pedal to make sure the extra thick sole wasn't dragging the foot pedal.


Mike Cassidy

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Since you are in the OC, you really should investigate Bates:


...particularly if you have any sizing/fitting issues at all. I have had mine down to the 30s, in the rain, et cetera, use Nikwax, and have had no leaks.


One other resource would be Anthony's Leatherworks in Corona Del Mar. I don't think they sell new, though.


Good luck,

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I've had the Gaerne Balanced Oiled boots for about 18 months now and they're fantastic. I wear them to work, through the day and home again nearly every day. Worn them down to the teens, in rain & sun and have had no complaints after breaking them in.

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