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Inspiration and Honor


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A while back I posted this pictorial and story after my grandmother passed.




Turns out not all my dates and events were accurate. :) I know this because Dave Swift was inspired by the thread to research and write a 300 plus page book on the life of Kacho Kachadourian also known as Jimmy Kachadourian my grandfather. I know so much more about Kacho, the genocide, and how he lived than I ever thought I would.


I am honored.



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Damn it......you're actually going to make me read a book aren't you?


I never saw the original post until now, but that sounds like a fascinating story. It really makes you wonder how many great family stories get lost along the way. How can we find a copy if one was interesting in reading it?

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That was very moving, Larry. Thank you for sharing. I hadn't seen your earlier post. It's sweet to read of your love and respect for them in every line.


I looked on Amazon, as other's likely did, so please do let us know how we can get a copy of Dave's book. I'm blown away by his actions. What a dear man and friend. What a gift.


And you do look like your Grandmom's brother!

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Wow. I'm sure there were tears in your eyes when you saw that. Thanks for letting us know and please advise when and where we can purchase a copy.

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