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'14 RT Ride Mode +/vs Suspension selection


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Hi all, new to this board and RT's. It would be great if someone could direct me to a thread on the following, as I only get a general sense in RTM and in actual use:


I weight 175lbs and can really get jolted up my lower back when going over hard bumps so have been trying the softer ESA setting. I do note when doing the twisties it is better to firm up that setting else the bike gets squirrely when I try and move around on it. That being said, if I want "snappier" throttle response without changing the ESA it seems I have little choice but to use the ride mode button to liven the throttle up, which in turns changes my ESA from soft to normal or hard and then go into the menu to put the ESA back to where I want it. Is this the definition of "semi-active"? Is there an easier way to let me decide or change the bike's defaults? Not sure I am articulating this just right...




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There are three throttle response modes.. in the order of least responsive to most responsive are Rain,Road, and Dynamic. I leave mine in Road most of the time as Dynamic is a bit too twitchy for smooth riding for me. All three modes give you full power, but regulate how quickly that power is supplied.


You can independetly set ESA settings. Also check to make sure your setting is right for the ride. You can set 1 up no luggage, 1 up with luggage, 2 up no luggage, 2 up with luggage. All independent.


Some settings you can't set while moving and the throttle modes will change while in motion but not until you throttle back first.


Hope that helps. If more specific question let me know.

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Thanks. I get all that. I guess what I (naively?) assumed was that the computer automatically in any given ride mode/ESA selection adjusted for road conditions within that range. To re-state what I was asking/confirming: it appears to me that if I want to change throttle response ("ride mode") I have to accept that the computer will then change my suspension setting ("ESA") to what it wants from what I had selected. If I don't like the combination it chooses I have to go into the menu to put the ESA to the setting I want for the given throttle response I select. Something like that.


In any case, I guess it's no biggie. I probably keep it set mostly on "Road" as well so when switching to "Dynamic" the computer's choice will be ok (except when I get kicked too hard over that bump!).


Thanks again!


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