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2014 Pricing Announced for R1200 RT


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Dealer First Supply bikes will be priced at $21,700 plus $495 shipping. Total MSRP is $22,195.


The bikes will be loaded with all available options, adding three additional options above the "Premium Package" RT equipment level:


Shift Assist Pro

Central Locking

Anti Theft Alarm


Dealer First Supply equipment


Code Description

230 Comfort Package (350, 417, 530, 603, 764)

233 Touring Package (191, 272, 518, 538)

238 Dynamic Package (204, 219, 224)

ZLT Luxury Package (143, 222, 270, 376)



230 Comfort Package: Includes 350 (Chrome Exhaust), 417(Central Locking), 530 (TPM - Tire Pressure Monitor), 603 (Anti Theft Alarm), 764 (Dual Accessory Socket) MSRP: $850


233 Touring Package: Includes 191 (Dynamic ESA), 272 (GPS Preparation), 518 (Heated Seats), 538 (Cruise Control) MSRP: $1,400


238 Dynamic Package: Includes 204 (Hill Start Control), 219 (Headlight Pro), 224 (Ride Modes Pro) MSPR: $275


ZSP Standard Package: Includes 272 (GPS Preparation), 538 (Cruise Control), 764 (Dual Accessory Socket) MSRP: $600


ZTT Technology Package: Includes 143 (Bluetooth), 270 (Audio System), 350 (Chrome Exhaust), 376 (Radio Software), 530 (TPM - Tire Pressure Monitor), 764 (Dual Accessory Socket)MSRP: $1,525


ZLT Luxury Package: Includes 143 (Bluetooth), 222 (Gear Shift Assistant Pro), 270 (Audio System), 376 (Radio Software) $1,525


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My dealer just called me and gave me the same info. The first group of bikes will be loaded, which is what I would want anyway. Price seems to be within a few hundred dollars of last generation RT. I guess it's good news. Now I'd like to read some road tests and quality reviews by the experts.

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$22,195 is way better than I expected for one fully loaded. Way better than a loaded K1600. Heck, I don't think that's too far from what my 2005 would have been had it been fully loaded. My came with cruise, heated seat/grips, BC, chrome muffler and I got the trunk. It was just over 20k in 2005. That didn't count the $1200 spent on the Wilbers. However, BMWs recent QC track record scares the heck out of me. I'm expecting a recall notice sometime soon for my fuel pump. Thankfully I lucked out and got about as trouble free a bike as you can get. I hope folks getting these new wet-heads fare just as well as I have with my ole 2005.

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BMW website lists base MSRP at $17,650. A fully loaded bike at a tick under $22k is far better than I was expecting. Very pleasantly surprised.

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well here is to hoping they add some colors later in the year, I would love a nice red so that if the bike rides well it can replace my 1300GT

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