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Olins Vs Elka?


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I am planning the replacement of the factory front and rear shocks on my 2004Rt with 45,000 miles. I would like feedback on the differences and virtues of each. I am leaning towards the Elka shocks because of the dual rate compression dampening and the price is less for a pair than Olins. Thanks guys.

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I won't say much, since there are many strong and sometimes qualified opinions on this without me adding anything of real value, but I've ridden both and admit that I can't tell the difference. The difference between worn out stock and either of those superior struts is easily discernible, but beyond that I can't tell the difference.

I'm assuming that if I had the bike on the track I would be able to tell, but I haven't and won't. I don't demand peak performance from the RT, so there are others who will likely have more to add in that sense. Some really hate Ohlins for various reasons, though rarely for performance reasons, while others love them for the same or similar reasons.

But IMHO, whichever set you can get cheaper should probably be the winner, since they are both great. I just waited until I found whichever of those models had the best deal first, then finally spent the money (last month).

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Just about anything you replace the stock shocks with on your make and year will be an improvement. My RT is also the 04 model purchased new and with in a week I ordered up the Ohlins. I raced with them for years and am just found of the brand. When I bought my 05 GS it was the same story, crap suspenders. Give my friend Dan Kyle a call at Kyle Racing and he should give you the best price available for ohlins and answer all of your technical questions. he taught me a lot on suspension set up when we were prepping bikes together ... in the day.


Good luck with your choice, others like Wilbers too. Like I said the stock KYB needs to be dumped in land fill.

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Thanks guys! I just ordered a new Elka stage 4 shock for the front. I will order a rear shock when finances permit. The deciding factor was that Elka offers adjustable low and high speed compression dampening and a remote reservoir. The Olins dampener offered neither of these and at a higher price. Reviews posted on other sites similar to this had very high praise for Elka. In my experience proper compression dampening is very important to riding comfort and I like the idea of being able to adjust it. The guy I talked to at Elka was friendly and helpful.

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