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Final Drive Input Shaft Roller Bearing

Great White North

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Great White North

Greetings all, Bike: 02 R1150RT with 32K miles on it.


I have been getting some metal paste and very small particles on the magnetic plug of my final drive over the last 3-4 oil changes - more than what I would normally see. The main grooved FD bearing has been changed 5k miles ago, and has not had any effect on the amount of deposit on the plug.


I noticed last night that the highest part of the gears on the input shaft seem to be wearing against the side of the FD housing. This leads me to think that either the shaft needle sleeve bearing or the Ax Bearing are at fault, and allow the shaft move 'sideways' under load. There are no leaks with the FD, either front seal or main seal. All seems good with the FD otherwise, but I'd much rather fix the problem in the shop now than later in a far away place...


Does anyone have hints for tests I could perform to verify the integrity of either shaft bearings. The special tooling required to get to these bearings makes if somewhat difficult to do.


Any hints / suggestions appreciated.


Thank you all.

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Morning GWN


I don't understand what GEARS on the input shaft are wearing against the housing.


The final drive only has (1) gear on the pinion shaft (input shaft) so the gear(s) thing has me confused.


How did you determine this rubbing? Did you remove the side cover & spool/ring gear assembly?


A picture of the rub marks posted here could save a lot of guessing on this.


You are no tby chance talking about the ring gear rubbing on the side cover are you?

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