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Polar Bear Adv Ride v1.0


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Here's a video by one of the riders. A buddy put him in his hack after he'd had a mishap a couple months before, it's an interesting perspective. PG rating..?


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That for the most part looked to be single cylinder territory!


We rode that last segment on the '13 T-Fla., if I'm not mistaken you were on a 1200 and I an 800 : )


FWIW, that wasn't part of this Adv route, those guys were a splinter group looking for more excitement, a few had it saved from last year.



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Looked like a nice ride, smaller bikes the best for sure. That 1190R had to be one of the first sold. Looked like he was on OEM tires still, could have used some lugs in those soft places.


Reminded me of the woods and roads we hunted on St. Vincent Island. I did one Sambar hunt and couple of deer hunts there with my long bow some years ago.

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Well it's no KTM 690 in the suspension dept. but is adequate for most 'normal' offroad travel, on anything more than a jeep trail you just need to slow down a little because it gets overworked. Doesn't like big potholes at speed, a little clanky : ) but then shy of a dirtbike, not much does.


On the other side of the dualsport coin it is really, really nice, the engine being the jewel of the package. BMW sent their former F1 engine guy to Italy and he tweaked another 10hp from an already good motor. Subtract 20-30 lbs. and it's like a Dakar/Sertao on steroids, runs like an A-Rod. :grin:


Can't say enough about the motor, w/o question best thumper ever put in a motorcycle, smooth as glass and has a nice hit on top, plus gets about 65 mpg. The better p/w ratio allows longer gearing so cruising at 90 at a sedate 5500 is pleasant, no other single does that.


For all around duty tho it needs some stuff, and there's a laundry list over on the Adv threads. I like it mainly because it's a smaller package that with the right farkles can nearly replace some big bikes, like 800's and 950's.


Hey, what's a Sambar? And where the heck is St.Vincent Island? : ) :thumbsup:



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I have read some of the adv threads, nice to have it from someone that has been on them all. I have a lot of overlap+ with the 1190 and the HyperStrada, and just can't bring myself to take the HS offroad even tho it has everything you need except the wheels and only weighs 440 or so.


Think the owner of the Island brought over some Sambar to hunt, now the Feds are tasked to control the population. Primitive hunts only.


Sambar (deer)

St. Vincent Island, Fl.

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"Hey, what's a Sambar? And where the heck is St.Vincent Island? : )




Well there isn't a road to it so you're excused.

St. Vincent NWR is adjacent to St. George in Appalachicola Bay.




If you want to...

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I sorta figured you were aware of it but thought there might be some who didn't.


Strange noises can be heard from the island, particularly at night.


Some are even from the critters...


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Put some TKC80's on the Katoom & bring it. You won't have any regrets.


I'm tempted, but didn't intend to make it dirty either, more like my K12GT type riding.


Seriously thinking about selling the HS and getting the TR650 to mess with. I really need to have a bike I can work on modding to keep me busy and I lean towards suspension mods mostly which it needs.

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