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Suggestions for Service Manual please.


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Hi Guys, got the baby home today finally...Have pulled all the plastic,and ready to do proper service on it.No owners manual anywhere,so I need to know whats the best service manual to get. Searched ebay,and found some,but want feedback as to what to trust.It matters not if its on CD,or book form.Just ALWAYS try to use the correct manual for the job....THIS is gonna be a biggie!

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There are copies if the R1100 factory service manual floating around all over the Internet, Google and ye shall find.


That said, while the factory manual is an essential reference it's not really the best teacher as it is written for a professional mechanic and assumes familiarity with proper tools and procedures, and sometimes the steps are not very detailed. For detailed step-by-step instructions the Haynes manual is probably best. Plus the many personal write-ups R1100 owners have contributed over the years can be a valuable resource as well.

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I cannot guide you on the best manual but there are a ton of "how to" manuals here and on the net. Our own DR is a wealth of knowledge as well as many others, no shortage of that here.


Take a look around here for a few:








Be well.



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