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emty plug


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after doing a clutch job on my R1150RT, i plugged all the electrical sockets back but had a two pin plug with no mate! the plug, on a short lead sits on the left side in the vicinity of the lifting handle. checked the wiring schematic and could not locate it. Wires are faded but look like green/blue and green/white. Checked out another RT and saw that it was zipped to the frame, not connected to anything.Whew, thought I was going crazy, any idea what its for?



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Afternoon Brian


In that location & with those wire colors it sounds like the "tank breather valve" solenoid (evap valve)


That is part of the emission evap system so if your bike has had the evap system canister removed (or you have a NON USA bike) that valve might not be on your bike now.


Are the bottom nipples on your throttle bodies plugged off?


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Yes, the nipples on the underside of the throttle bodies are capped and the bike does not have a carbon canister. So the renegade plug must be for emission use, thats what happens when you come back to a repair a month later, take photos, lots of photos!

Thanks, all is well, 50 degrees today, time to ride.

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