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Is there a reason few mfgs make a hitch for K1200GT?


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I've taken a trip with my wife PA to MO a few years back. Well it's time to go again and I remember packing limitations where somewhat of a issue. I really want to try the trailer, but only one company seems to make one. There are a few brave soles that made it themselves and I have a son that is a welder and he offered. In that case I need some tip, photos, drawings, dimensions, specs, etc. I've seen the post about increase chances of accidents when pulling trailers. Is there a reason the 2006 K1200GT is not used for towing a small trailer???

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The lack of hitch options is probably primarily due to the fact that most buyers of performance-oriented sport-touring bikes like the K-GT aren't interested in pulling a trailer. Not every buyer of course, but there has to be enough of a market to be worth the development costs. You can probably sell 100 hitches to Goldwing owners for every one sold for a K-GT, and the result of that isn't hard to guess.

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I own a K-GT and I'm sure your response is accurate.

But my SO says the K-GT is more comfortable for her than my 08 RT and its sure got a boatload more power two up.

We don't tow because she rides her own anyway (and won't camp) but if we did I'd consider using the K-GT.

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