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Hi everybody. I just recently purchased a 1997 R850R and I must say I LOVE this bike. However, like most used vehicles that we buy in life...this one has an issue that has me rather frightened. The story with this machine is that the original owner pretty much neglected it for like 9 years. He put 9000 miles on it and didn't do much else. The second owner (the guy I bought it from) took it and began reparing it. Kremed the gas tank, new fuel filter, changed fluis, replaced other essential parts and made it work again. He put about 2000 miles on it before finding his dream bike. (R1200 GS) I saw the bike and did my research on it. Noticed it was in production in the US for only a few years which made me a bit nervous but, I also kept reading and noticing how dependable and long lasting BMW bikes were. I wanted a good commuter bike to get me to and from work. It also came with a great windshield and the hard cases. At 12k miles I figured I have a bike for life at this point and got it for $2500. There are some rust spots on it but those are things that can be replaced with OEM. I took her in for the 12k service. The mechanic said the bike is in good shape but he noticed there was a little bit of oil around the transmission area. He said that if its a seal issue that the repairs could cost me an arm and a leg. So now I am left wondering....should I fix it and renew this machine and ride it until the wheels fall off or should I just try to resell it? Thanks everyone and I look forward to sharing information regarding my bike with you all.


P.S. If any of you live in the Tampa Bay area know a good independent mechanic PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know. Thank you!!

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Hi and welcome to the board. I do notice however, that this is a cross-post to this forum and the oil heads forum, a practice we strongly discourage.

As this is a also an introduction post I will let it stand. I would ask other members that want to offer technical assistance however, to do so in the thread in "oilheads"





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I understand and I never cross post but as you said...it is both an introduction post and an oilhead post/concern. I won't be doing it in the future. Thank you though for allowing it.

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Hi FatiusJeebs,


Can I call you Fat?

I live on the right coast in central FL just South of the Cape.

I don't know of an independent in Tampa I can recommend, but there is a very good one not too far from you in Orlando.

If you would like his contact info, PM or e-mail me.


Overbyte (Mike)

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