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Good W5W Driving Light Bulbs?


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I am thinking to fit LED bulbs to the driving lights of my RT, just as a stylish add-on to the ultra-white and ultra-bright Osram bulbs I use.


I went to eBay and I got lost in a matter of seconds. All I know is I need "CAN-bus compatible" but then... 5 LED? 8 LED? 10 LED? 13 LED? More LED?

The choices are endless.


I just want something bright to replace my present yellowish bulb... having spent so much money in "useful" stuff like shocks and saddle it's now time to buy something tacky and useless!


Thanks for the advice.

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Update: I bought on eBay a 5-pack of 7-LED W5W driving lights.

As a test I've installed a couple of them on my car and I am so far very pleased with the results.

They will go on the RT during the soon to be started overhaul.

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