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Dead '02 RT1150- What Fuse Do I Change?

Fred Walsh

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After starting my bike cold, I tried to start again and it went dead. No lights, no sounds at all when turning the key.


I checked the fuses-- none of which appear blown. If it is a fuse, which one might it be?





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Afternoon Fred


It more sounds like either a dead battery OR a bad battery cable connection at one of the battery posts.


No single fuse or multiple fuses will cause what you now have.


If battery & cable connections are OK & battery not dead then look for a possible ign switch issue or a broken wire in the main wire harness near the steering neck (around 1st zip tie).


Maybe try moving the handle bars back & forth while trying to start.


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Thanks a lot!


Tried again just now. Turned key, ignition lights and usual sounds came on!

Then pressed starter button and all went dead again. Turned key all still dead.


Wires look pretty good around steering neck.

Must be an ignition switch issue right?



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Afternoon Fred


It still sounds more like a dieing battery OR a bad battery cable connection at one of the battery posts.


A bad ign switch is still a possibility but I would put that way/way down the list compared to battery cable connections.


I will be surprised if you don't find your problem in the battery cable connections to the battery.


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It sounds to me like it may be the broken cable issue, BMW put tight cable ties on the loom and there is a common problem with wires breaking in the harness under the first cable-tie below the ignition switch. Try twisting the harness there to see if the power comes and goes.



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That sounds like a dirty or loose connection at the battery.....There is enough conductivity to give you lights etc, but the starter motor burns through the connection. I would start there (Pun intended).

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Thanks loads everyone. Bike is buried in snow right now... I'll let you know what I find when things have thawed out here in Brooklyn.

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