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Front brake pad thickness

Dave P

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Morning Dave



BMW 1100RT spec is: to wear indicator. Problem is: if you have aftermarket pads then all bets are off. Your 1/16" is about .0625"so you are getting mighty thin.



My 1150 manual gives min of 1mm or (.0394) so that would be a good very minimum spec.


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Dirt- thanks for the note. Only owned the bike since last June, haven't put pads in it yet.


From photos of new pads I've seen they look kinda thin right from the start new. I was kinda alarmed when I pulled my front wheel for a tire change last weekend, they looked REALLY thin, guess I'm comparing them to what my airhead (and all the cars I've owned)gets for new pads- 1/4 plus thickness.


I think I'll leave them for now, do the brakes later in the year. Any recommendation on front pads? Dave

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