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tank bag identification


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my Rt came with this bag. It is pretty worn out and I have not been able to find any kind of manufacturer marks for it. Mounting is pretty slick too so I was hoping to pick up a replacement bag if someone knew who to contact. The bag slides over the hinged metal plate that attaches to the fuel cap ring. Bag is not too big but very well made, just old and worn out.


Any thoughts??







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not necessarily. these bags were very popular, I have three my self (maybe 4) I just do not have that specific bag. I have the smaller sport style models. post a WTB, I bet you will get a response

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Looks very similar in configuration, shape etc to the Bags Connection line.


The mounting system on the Bags Connection small bag is much slicker and easier to use.


Love mine.

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Nathan Margolis

Call Richard at RKA Luggage and see if he can custom make you something you want.


You did see lots of thoses on eBay at one-time but it seemed like most people did not like the way the mounting bracket looked if tank bag not in use.


Absolutely correct. You could use the metal base and adapt something should work. But for the new tank bag purchase, seriously call Richard or Kathy at RKA and I bet they will come up with the perfect bag for your application and even be able to put some magnets sewn in the bag that would do the job.


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What is worn out? Is the fabric completely shot, or it is just zippers and the mesh on the side? If the fabric is ok a local shop could probably put on new zippers and such.


I have the same bag and love it. My bike came with a different type (Bagster) and I sought one of these out instead. They do still pop up from time to time and are usually snatched, I think, by someone who already has one so they have a back up when it wears out.


The mount is pretty fugly on the bike alone, but then I think my whole bike is kind of fugly, which in no way detracts from how much I love riding it :)

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"The mounting system on the Bags Connection small bag is much slicker and easier to use"


Humbly disagree. The Big Mak has the distinct advantage of not having to remove the bag to fill up with gas ... just tilt it forward. I replaced the shelf on mine with 1/4 inch plex and it looks pretty good, though I almost never have the bag off the bike so you don't see it anyway.


I've attached a couple of other old magnetic bags to the Big Mak bracket (just let the magnet 'wings' clip together and then slip it onto the platform) and they work okay. The other really nice thing about the Mak bag is the teardrop shape that gives a lot of space but doesn't get in the way of the handlebars.


I'm one of those people who watch for these and will buy them when I can. IMHO the BEST design ever ...

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thanks guys for all the info. Now that I know what to look for I can keep my eyes open. The size of the bag is nice and build was superb but it looks like it has been outside for years. All the webbing and elastic is shot and the zippers are very hard now.


The plate gets very annoying though when I ride and it is not on the bike. It lifts up and bangs around from the airflow.


Thanks again guys



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You can strap the platten down to the frame to keep it from rising when riding.



+1 I keep a large (loop diameter), thin rubber band on mine - when the tank bag is not on there (which is most of the time) the band holds the platen down; when I'm going to put the bag on I simply slide the band up so it's around the forward part of the mount and out of the way/will allow the bag to tilt up.

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