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Cooler temperature for valve adjustment?


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So, it was about 42 F last night, and has warmed to about 54 F at present. We're adjusting the valves on an '07 Hexhead RT with about 60k miles on the clock. IIRC, valve adjustment is specified at 60 F. Will the cooler engine make the valves seem tighter, or looser than normal? Is this enough temperature deviation from specification to even notice?

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Afternoon Jan


BMW spec is: under 35°c (95°f) so you should be OK at anything under 95°f.


Probably not enough shrinkage due to the 54°f to matter.


Personally I don't like to do them that cold as the engine oil is very thick at that temp so makes the rocker arms tighter on the shaft & makes the elephants feet stiffer. Even a thick coating of oil on the cam lobes & lifter bottoms can take some slack out. Probably not a big difference but enough that I personally don't usually do them at that low of a temp.


I have seen dealers just wheel a real cold bike in & have at it so it doesn't worry them.



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