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Nolan 104 newbie ... not sure about this . . .

Doug 55

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After 12 years and 150K plus miles in Shoei Syncrotec(s) I purchased a Nolan N104 last Saturday; thought I was going to be in Helmet Heaven but not liking,so far anyhow ..


(a) that the face shield "auto slams shut" (by spring force) when opening the flip face

(b) the internal / drop down "sun shield" is optically hazy

© don't like, or maybe just need to get used to, the ratchet fastening instead of D ring


Any advice about the auto-slam-shut "feature" would be greatly appreciated (playing with the helmet off I seem to avoid Das Slam sometimes but get it everytime when wearing the helmet)





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I can't help you with the "autoslam"issue. Mine seems fine. I have 5 helmets. My old N102 was more comfortable than my 104. I also haven't had an issue with the sun shade clarity. However my eyes are not what they used to be so take it with a grain of salt.

The ratchet system is an acquired taste. I prefer it to standard D rings. It just takes some getting used to.

The good news id the 104 is quieter than the 102. I can't compare it to Shoei as I've never owned one.


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Morning Doug


I have had the Nolan N104 since they first came out.


I have mixed feelings on the N104.


My basic thoughts are: it was a great idea that Nolan just couldn't get quite right & so far hasn't had the push from customers to get ALL the bugs out of.


My inner sun shield doesn’t seem too distorted but I seldom use it as I usually wear polarized sun glasses inside my helmet. On the few times I have used the sun shield it lets in way too much sun light around the edges & under the bottom.


On the face shield slamming shut; mine doesn't seem to "slam shut" but does shut on flip opening.


I have the ratchet chin strap fastener on my N102 & N100 & really liked them as it makes using the chin strap a piece of cake with gloves on. Doesn't seem nearly as nice on the N104 as the ratchet sits right on my Adams apple & annoys me no end. I adjusted the strapping & ratchet to be off center a bit & that helps but still not nearly as comfortable as my old faithful N102. (something different about the N104 chin strap/ratchet & how it fits my neck)


My biggest bitch with the N104 is that large THIN face shield. I hate to be totally closed in so like to ride with the face shield partially open. On my N104 that thin large face shield vibrates & shakes no end at high speeds unless in totally still air. The face shield moving & vibrating gives me a big headache after a couple hours of riding. Then if anything on the shield like bugs or dirt it becomes even worse & more annoying.


The other problem I have had is the face shield slamming shut at high speeds (like 80-100 mph). It just won't stay open at high speeds, especially in the wind or in traffic with swirling air eddy's. I have called Nolan tec support a number of times & they send me new shield pivots (hinges) but the (new IMPROVED) ones are no better that the old ones.


The other issue that has me quite peeved is the fact that the face shield first open notch is WAY too wide. It really needs a notch part way between the closed & where the first notch is now. I have tried to modify the pivots to have a more useful notch but unlike the older N100 & N102 there just isn't a good way to make that modification.


It's unfortunate as the large face shield & lighter weight should make the N104 a great helmet. For me it has way too many issues to be a good helmet so it just sits in my helmet rack & is seldom used as I still seem to default to my old well-used N102.


My best suggestion to you is: Try calling Nolan customer support-- They are VERY friendly & helpful & will TRY to help you. They will even send new parts if they think they have something that is improved or will help your situation. Unfortunately, for me, & the N104, nothing has worked to my satisfaction.


(just to qualify)-- I'm basically old school so usually wear an open face in the summer or warm weather so helmets like the Nolan N100/N102/N104 are basically cold weather commuter helmets or used for long trips that require a helmet for all weather conditions & I only have room to take one helmet.


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One other issue I've experienced with the 104 is the cheek pads. They push my face in and make me feel like a chipmunk. I've cut some foam out of them to make them more comfortable.

All in all I long for my old 102 but don't miss its weight. Unfortunately it met it's demise saving my life.

Oh and I second what DR said about the new strap/buckle cutting into the neck. This design needs work.

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All in all I long for my old 102 but don't miss its weight. Unfortunately it met it's demise saving my life.


I've become very fond of my HJC that did the same for me. :thumbsup:

I've heard/seen that it's not such a simple thing to attach a Sena unit to the side of the 104. :(




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