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Tire q. Install rear bias ply on front of R1100 RT?


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Ok. I have a '96 R1100RT that I just replaced the rear tire on. I had a Pilot Road 3 put on and so far I like it. I initially thought the front had another 3k left on it, but looked at it again and figure maybe a thousand or so left so it needs replacing.


My dilemma is I commute on this bike, 140 miles one way, and right now can't afford a new tire. I have a Ninja 500 (that I no longer ride and can't seem to get rid of in one piece) with a new Pirelli Sport Demon 130/70-17. I've done some searching on just mixing bias front with radial rear which I've read is essentially ok, but putting a rear tire on a front is not so clear. I understand the loading is different, but since I don't do any track riding or severe leaning in turns I don't think I'll strain this tire much.


Thought? Flames? Total idiocy? :dopeslap:

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Not total idiocy, and not as bad as mounting a car tire, but certainly not recommended, either. I have seen posts saying that for certain bikes, combining a radial front with a bias rear works OK, and in fact, I did it on my old Honda Pacific Coast.


However, in addition to wanting to put a bias-ply rear tire on the front wheel, the tire you want to use is a 130/70-17, which is too wide for the rim, and will result in the tire being pinched slightly, which is going to change the profile. As Dirty Harry said, "'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do ya, punk?"


If you decide to go through with this, you should probably mount the rear tire backwards (i.e., with the direction arrow pointing the wrong way). Think about the acceleration/deceleration loads on the front vs rear tire, and you will see why. Good luck, and make sure your insurance is paid up.

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Did a little more research and figure it's not a good idea and my hide is worth too much. I'll just find a way to get the correct tire put on.

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Evening Tom


Lots of speculation of using a rear on the front. Some have reversed rotation direction & others run rotation as the arrow says.


I have used & run a variety of tire configurations on motorcycles over the years with some configurations being so odd that my riding friends say I'm going to die within 20 miles. (I'm still here)


About all I can say is TRY IT-- Some tire combo's that just sound real wrong work great & others that sound like they should be a great combo just don't cut it.


Just be careful until you see how the handling & braking works out. Pay special attention to front tracking & lean neutrality.


If it works OK then you have saved a few bucks & if it doesn't then will know not to do it again.


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I'd say do it. Reading between the lines, OP has an 18 yr old, $2500 motorcycle ridden to maximum commuting extremes in crazy Sacramento traffic. OP is cash short and already riding on risky borrowed time.

You gotta do what you gotta do.

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I can understand not being able to afford a whole lot of things.

But not being able to afford something for your bike? I can't understand that.


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