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Oil leak around the Oil level indicator sight glass

The Rice Man

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Just noticed I have a oil leak around the sight glass of the oil indicator.

Anyone every have this and how big of a issue is it to fix?



2010 RT1200RT

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Afternoon Rice Man


It happens occasionally but not very often on the 1200 engines.


If it is the sight glass leaking then the repair is not a big deal (IF) you have the BMW removal & installation tools.


The newer sight glass assemblies are real glass (not plastic like the older ones) so without the proper tool to remove there is good chance the glass lens will break & some will end up inside the engine crankcase.


They can be removed without the proper tool but that takes good knowledge & forethought to not break the darn thing removing the old or installing the new.


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Thank you for the info, I rode all last summer no leak, the bike has been sitting up for the winter, not much of a winter in South Texas, but winter.

Just noticed it, couple drops on the floor.


I am looking into purchasing the service DVD, will that help with this?



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