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Alternator Belt and Pulley Update


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I though this was interesting, first I have heard of it anyway.


I have an early release 2004 twin spark RT (July 2003) and had a pretty major belt squeal issue around 6K which was repaired, and then had a belt self destruct at 18K or so (in Nova Scotia as some may recall) in June. Anyway I finally dropped the bike off a few days ago to get my NAPA substitute belt (that I installed on the side of the road) replaced under warranty and was told today they are going to be updating the pulleys on the bike also....I remember at a tech daze in Roseville, CA (at Bill’s place) that someone was inspecting their belt on an 04 RT and it was noted that his pulleys were in fact different than anyone had ever seen on an RT, but this is the first time I have heard of BMW actually updating someone’s pulleys....so if you have a 04 RT and have had any belt issues you may want to check this out as an option...I do not know if their is an "official" update/recall notice issued by BMW or not....

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Hey I was in the same boat, figured I'd change the belt at 15k and save the old for a spare- found out that since I have a early build 2004 that the belt # is the same as the 2003 models. Never heard that they were changing the pulleys - besides the older RT's do not have a alt belt issue.

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Picked it up today and they threw a new starter in also as they said mine was "hanging up" when starting the bike. I can believe it but I figured the extra noise was the belt slipping or something to that effect, so bonus points to A&S for the extra effort.


All seemed well on the ride home...the tech noted I had a pretty bad looking front tire but I told him I am the proud new owner of a tire changer and will be giving it a shot tomorrow....wish me luck!!

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