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BMW Riding Class


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My friend Joel and I did the 2 day off road course in December. Lots of good things learned but it is very physically demanding. I never did get the hang of going thru the ruts. Be prepared to pick up your bike as you will fall, many times. Also go with the 1200GS if you attend. We started on the 800GS and quickly switched to the 1200. The lighter clutch pull and higher torque makes it more manageable at the slow speeds most exercises demand.

It is rain or shine and we finished up Saturday at the sand pit in the pouring rain. They are running a 2 for 1 special I believe thru March which makes the course price more reasonable.

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I attended the 2 day off road course in June, 2012 and was extremely satisfied, think I learned a lot and have even considered doing it again, especially if I can convince someone to do the 2 for 1 deal with me. There was every skill level you can imagine including a guy from England who had never been on a bike! It was pretty gruesome to watch him the first day, lots of pick ups but by the end of the second day he had advanced unbelievably. The instructors are GREAT! They had 1200 GS and GSA's, couple with low suspension even, looks like they've migrated to the 700/800's but perhaps they still have some 1200's if that's your preference. Heartily recommend it to anyone, but would suggest not riding your own bike there if you have a very far distance to travel at the end of the second day because you'll be pretty whipped.

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A couple of years ago BMWMOA had a half day school there for about half price. Maybe if all the MOA members here and else where would ask they might do it again??

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Just a comment about my Rider Course yesterday at BMW Performance Center...


I learned a lot, especially slow speed skills and what old habits need to be chucked and what needs to be refined... always looking for more instruction on the seemingly simple stuff but in reality the stuff you take for granted.


Secondly, I marvel at BMW Motorrad and their commitment to increase awareness of safety and street survival skills. I can think of no other manufacturer in the two wheel business that does this and at this level. This is why I ride the bike, aside from the technology in it. The pursuit of rider education (on and off road) for their customers really shows how a company can foster a tighter bond and ensure repeat customers. Other companies (not necessarily just automotive and motorcycles) can learn a thing or two. And that they are not afraid to show their product in action, continually being battered by students in their classes. They stand by them and it shows. And the level of instructors is what seals the deal. Both Ross and Liz on the range showed the eight of us proper technique, explained why you wanted to do that, what the benefits were (especially of ABS), and just plainly... rocked!


So, if you are thinking of doing any of their courses out there in Greer... I highly recommend it. Worth every penny.

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So, if you are thinking of doing any of their courses out there in Greer... I highly recommend it. Worth every penny.


Chris, make sure you prep them for the local pronunciation. It's Grrrrrrrr, not Greer. :rofl:

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I can think of no other manufacturer in the two wheel business that does this and at this level.

Honda has a rider training center in Alpharetta, GA, and at least one more in Colton, CA.


Even though I'm mostly a road rider, I have taken both off road and on road courses at the Alpharetta rider training center, and found them very helpful. The only problem with the off road course was the snotty tweens who like to make rooster tails and such. To be expected at that age.


I may put a BMW rider course on my bucket list for the fall. My wife and I are leaving to ride (unless the weather forecast goes completely bad) the Natchez Trace on March 16, and have other things lined up this spring. I wouldn't want to do the road course on an R1100RT in 80+ weather.

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Greer - thanks for the info. I have been taking a class that is for advanced riding techniques but feel that it never hurts to learn as much as you can about riding. Even if the info is 90% the same, that other 10% could one day save my life.


Think I'll invest-igate taking the course.

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