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Do I Have The Right BMW DVD Service Manual?

Michael B

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My bike is a 2011 R1200 RT. I just received my BMW DVD Service Manual today from my dealer and it includes sixteen bikes. Yes, sixteen! It lists each R bike by what I take to be partial digits from the VIN number, along with a few other identifiers. Is this one my bike: R 1200 RT [0440, K26/11] (US)? If not, I gotta return it for the correct one. The first half of my VIN is WB1044005BZ…



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You don't need to ask us.


Open the DVD and look at brake reservoir pics- if they look like yours you'vegot the right one


Or you could go to the Max BMW fiche page under parts and see the model numbers to match the DVD

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Evening Michael


Is the manual you bought the BMW Repair Manual # 01 59 7 721 691__

06/2012, 6th edition


Or something different?

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Hi DR…


It is part no. 01 59 7 686 058 7th Edition, 06/2013. The whole title is

BMW Motorad

Repair Manuals

R Models K2x Street

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Your bike is identified in the service manual as "0440" (U.S. camhead RT). Look through the selections under the "R" and if it has the "0440" then you have the correct one. The number is obtained from the VIN you provided, which shows the "0440".



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