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Luck of the draw


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Yep, that's me riding shotgun, can't believe people ride on the back of these things, scares me to death. Really! :grin:




This all started when I couldn't get the WR250 to run right and decided to give it an Italian tune-up down the east side of Monarch Pass. It ran kinda OK for a few miles so I u-y'd into a pulloff to head back, and it died. And wouldn't restart (I'm sure this had nothing to do with letting it sit in storage for 10 months w/o draining the gas). :P


Anyway, while I'm wailing on the starter (didya know Walmart stocks WR250 batteries and they're dirt cheap) 3 loaded down Beemers pull into the rather large pulloff and proceed to have lunch right there on the side of the road. Doesn't take'em long to realize I've got a problem, so the two young ones walk down, we talk awhile, and they offer to give me a ride up to my campground where I've got a truck and hitch carrier. As it turns out, the father and two sons are from Blighty and they've shipped the Beammies to New York and are riding to L.A. taking in as much Americana as they can along the way, a 12RT, 12GSA, and an 800GS. The good part is, it's just noon and they have reservations in Gunnison for the night which is only about 50 miles away. After I question the boys (Max and Pym) on they're dirt ridin' credentials I hatch a plan (with Dad's permission) that involves rocks, some mud, and high altitudes (you know the story, been riding dirtbikes since they were 10, done the BMW offroad schools in Wales, yada yada, I was beginning to worry about me). :grin:


The point of this is that a few days ago Pym sent me a video he'd made of that day. Here are a few stills I took, then the vid, some of you will recognize the locations.






















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Have you heard? I own a WR250 now as well. Just sayin'!


Great tale, BTW! Always a good time when motorcyclists get together. The language is always the same, regardless from whence you came.

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That's great that they helped you out, and that you were able to share some of your local riding areas with them!


Their description of the video - "Next stage of our epic adventure. We run into a guy called Bill when we pull over to have our lunch. Bill's run into a problem with his WR250 (at least I think that's what it was) So he hops onto the back of my bike and I run him down the road to his trailer so he can drive his bike back. He then very kindly invites us on to some of his other bikes and show us around the rockies! We spent at least 4 hours riding around with him and went about 12,000 feet. It was definitely one of the best experiences of the trip so thanks a lot Bill :)"

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Thanks guys, it was a fortunate turn of events all the way around.


It was really interesting hearing their fresh perspective on America, seeing it for the first time (oh, to be youmg again!). Some of that comes thru in Pym's other video's too, episode 10 and 11 I think are particularly good.


Phil, I did hear you got a WR, (pretty sure you'll love it) and that someone gave it to you for Christmas, you know you're a lucky dog right? :grin:


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