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Who's cold?


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Joe Frickin' Friday

-15F here in Ann Arbor on Monday night. During the evening cooldown the house was making some horrendous CRACKing sounds; it's been a long time since it was that cold around here.


It was around 0F when I left for work yesterday morning, but my car - in the garage overnight - was at a balmy 24 degrees, not bad at all. After sitting in the parking lot all day though it was down to the ambient 0, and it was not happy about taking me home!


Today is better, forecast high is +15F. Saturday is supposed to be rainy with a high of 40. With two feet of snow on the ground, that's gonna be messy.

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With a projected high of 44* and partly sunny we'll get well above freezing today.


The wind does still have that "cutting" cold edge to it so it's still too cold for me to ride.



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Warming up today. 23 right now. Light snow during the next 24 hours then rain towards the weekend. It will be almost 50 by Sunday.


Expect major flooding in the next couple of weeks.

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I was fortunate to stay indoors, save a walk to the mailbox. It's been a long time since I've been in temperatures like that with a strong wind blowing it through my pores. Even the dog was quickly convinced that it was painful to be outdoors yesterday. Today temps will be in the balmy teens and I'll allow the car out.



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Lows here in Chicagoland and at our Wisconsin cabin have been in the range of -15° to -20°F, with the wind chills being around -40° to -50°F.


We've climbed into above-zero territory, and it feels noticeably more comfortable. We haven't suffered too many adverse effects, other than difficulty clearing snow and a garage door that keeps getting iced up. Also, the commuter trains have been disastrous, due to frozen switches and other equipment.


I was on the road on Monday, and saw at least 100 trucks disabled by the weather over a trip of a couple hundred miles. A lot of folks have it much rougher than I do in weather like this.


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I think we got down into the mid -20's on Monday. I was actually rooting for it to hit -30 F, as that would have killed off a majority of the emerald ash borer larvae locally.


I remember back in 1996 when we had a spell of cold that lasted for a week, where the high was -10 F and the lows were in the -20 F to -30 F. One night I was driving home and the wind caused my windshield to frost over, even with the defrost on full blast.


Hey, it keeps the fleas and fire ants out of the state.

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12 noon up to a balmy 8 F .Lots of hard pack snow still on the roads and the 4 x 4 SUVs are trying to impress us poor folk with their driving ability. Saw 4 of them off the road. One guy was walking around talking on his cell and the look on his face was"but it's 4 wheel drive how could I crash?" :rofl: Dumb a--.

Took the GSD to a BIG church parking lot that was plowed but not salted. We chucked the tennis ball until she dropped. She really needed to get out and run after 3 days of below zero and wind kept us inside. Additional benefit of the blacktop was a good toe nail sanding for her. Trimmed them down nicely. :thumbsup:

Warmer next week.

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Can't one-up the frigid reports above (certainly not from So Fla), but I did receive the below photo from Daughter #1 yesterday from Buckeye land. It's her CrV dashboard on her way to work with the observation:


"I didn't know these things had a minus sign built into them..."




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Wahoo! We're up to -5F! It was -28F ambient air temp. this AM. We've got a warm up coming for at least the next 4 days. 10+ tomorrow and +27 Fri., Sat. and Sunday. I hope this stuff is over.

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I remember back in 1996 when we had a spell of cold that lasted for a week, where the high was -10 F and the lows were in the -20 F to -30 F.


Ah, the good old days! :P

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