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Can someone tell me my rights - law of sale in USA?

Afther two month on the road, my new Xplorer cases cracked ( the plastic ) Complained to Moto Machine a month ago. I am willing to pay the difference, to get the Exlusive cases.( just alumin. ) The problem afther ??? mails is that Moto Machine want me to send the Xplorer to them. When they have received the Xplorer, they send me the new ones. Meaning I must rent a rom for two weeks, to stay and have a place to receive the mail/parcel. Who must pay those weeks??? I want them to send me the new cases - receiving them, I take the Exlusive out of the boxes, put the Xplorer back, and return the crap.Doing it that way, I have to rent a room/ place for two days! Difficult to understand???

My expectation was to solve the problem( coming from Hepco & Becker ) in a week! Do things like this usualy take a month - two month in USA??

Living on the road, make it werry dificult.


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Given that the factory will ultimately reimburse the U.S. importer for the bags you return, and because of the complexities of handling your exchange across the Atlantic Ocean, I would contact Hepco & Becker directly and see if they will simply replace them for you.

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Johnny Jetson

FB's suggestion is the best course if the company will do it. You might also offer to buy the new cases if they will reimburse you for the old ones when they are returned. Their policy is to protect themselves against fraudulent claims.


In any event, you need to get someone on the phone. You have a special situation that doesn't conform to their normal customer service system and no one is realizing that and taking a personal ownership of your problem.


In my experience, most companies will go out of their way to right a situation, once they realize it is real and doesn't conform to their usual business pattern, they just have to realize they are dealing with a foreign-language traveler in a foreign country, and you need some extra help because you are on the road.


I'd start with the importer since they are the American office and probably have the cases you need. If you can't get anyone's attention there, then go to the manufacturer in Europe.


Obviously, be polite and patient, but they need to understand that you are traveling and far from home, and that this situation requires some special attention.


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Perhaps there is a distributor on your route that H&B will send the new bags to?

Then all you would need to do is arrive, paperwork, switch and go.

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Joe Frickin' Friday

I'm experiencing a similar issue with a vendor who sold me rims for my car's snow tires. One of the rims is out of round, but it's extremely inconvenient to send the rim back and wait for a replacement to arrive. After talking with them on the phone, it was agreed that I would purchase one new rim, and they would credit that purchase price back to my card when I returned the out-of-round rim to them. This way my car will only be disabled for the hour or so that it takes to move the tire to the new rim.


Hasni, perhaps you should ask the vendor if they are willing to do the exchange in that same way: you purchase a new set of explorer cases, and when they arrive, send the broken cases back; when the old ones arrive at the vendor, the vendor credits the purchase price back to your card. As Johnny Jetson notes, if you mention that you are a traveler in the middle of a trip, they may be more willing to help you.

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Hei all, thank you for the advices.


Moto Machine have decided to send me new Exclusive cases( I pay the difference) Receiving them, I return the cracked Xsplorer.

Hopefully, back on the road in February.

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