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05 RT Shock Replacements?


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I have stock shocks on my RT. They only have about 15K on them as they are the second pair on the bike. My last R1100R had Ohlins shocks and they were very good, also very pricy. I have heard about HyperPro and do not know much about them. Are there other "high end" choices that you would recommend or would you stay with one of these two mentioned?

BTW: My shocks are not computer controlled or linked.

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Guest Kakugo

To the best of my knowledge the shocks now available are Ohlins, Wilbers, Works Performance and Hyperpro.


I personally have Wilbers and I am completely satisfied with them: you won't have problems with anything you choose. :thumbsup:


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I just found out that Race Tech has been taking stock ESA shocks from 2005 models and rebuilding, revalving, and respringing them retaining the ESA capability. You might want to contact them.

Ohlins are on my RT they have been fine for me. I get them rebuilt about every 20-25K miles whether needed or not.

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The life of my oem shocks is now at 110,000 miles and climbing. Yes they still work fine on my 1150RT. I have ridden my friends RT with new shocks and I can't tell the difference???

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