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Bison gauntlets


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I usually use the deerskin gauntlets that Stitch carries, but I wear them out in about a year or so.

Considering these http://www.leatherglovesonline.com/np/MensGloves-ByStyle-Gloves-Made-In-USA-geier-g78-bison-gauntlets.htm#page=details


Has anybody used Bison after Deerskin?

I want a material a bit tougher--but--still with some feel.

I have a pair of Lee Parks, nice gloves but too thick for me.



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Guest Kakugo

It pretty much depends on what you are after in a glove.

Deer skin comes just after kangaroo skin in the feel department.

This comes with literally a price to pay as both materials wear quickly under intense use.


Bison leather is really, really tough, tougher than most leathers and hides. If you are after durability and abrasion resistance (knocking wood) they may just be the thing for you. I think only horse hide is tougher among commercially available hides and leather.

However, again, there's a price to pay: don't expect the same feel as deer skin and don't expect them to be as warm.

Bison is used where toughness comes first and everything else later.


You may want to try elk skin: it's almost as good for feel and warm as deer skin but tougher.

Also consider goat skin: it comes third in feel after kangaroo and deer and it's very abrasion resistant. It's an excellent material for riding gloves.

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Deer hide is NOT abrasion resistant compared to ordinary cowhide. No rancher I know would go fencing with buckskin gloves, they wear out too fast. Plus wet buckskin won't hold its shape. My cowhide gloves now have 100,000 miles on them and are probably due to replace soon. Elk skin gloves work decently and are much better than deer hide. Goat is thin but wears better than deer IMO. I once bought kangaroo skin gloves, big mistake, they didn't last 3 months.

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