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2009 R1200RT silver side case


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I am thinking about having my left side case painted. Where do I get BMW silver paint and how much would I need for a side case? Could I simply bring this paint to a auto paint shop and have them use the paint?

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Guest Kakugo

If I remember correctly the 2009 silver is actually called Titan Silver (M354 is the code, I think). It's the same color as used on various of their cars (E90/91 3-series for example) so an auto paint shop should be able to match it.


If I remember correctly the original paint is made by BASF and belongs to the Glasurit line: it's actually quite commonly used by car paint shops so should be no big problem sourcing the original stuff.

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When working at dealership saw many repainted and most were fine or redone until...

prices vary based on who you know $50-150.

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I had my left repainted and with the proper code the painted bag was darker than the other. If I had a do over I would have painted both.

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