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Show me your R1100RS GPS mount setup please


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I also posted this on the MOA forum....


Guys and Gals:


I am going to Phoenix in mid February on vacation to see a good friend.Who happens to own a '94 RS. The 10 days I am there the bike is going to my mode of gettin' around!!!


I intend on taking the Garmin with to help with the navi duties in a strange city. I figured I would buy Steve a ram mount ball or some sort and a USB outlet to power any thing he would use on the bike for phone/Navi.


What did you guys use for a setup on your bikes??? I have a 11RT with a ram setup on the dash shelf AND a 11GS with a ram ball that has a U bolt to wrap around the bars to hold the Garmin on that bike.


The RS is a different beast altogether for that type of mounting....Any ideas please???





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This is for my R1150RT. You can buy a RAM mount base for the brake/clutch master cylinder reservoir, picks up the

existing cover holes. Then you can buy the proper bracket for the GPS you have (which you did not mention).


The brake/clutch master cylinder RAM base comes in two styles, one places the RAM universal ball centered over the

master cylinder, the other has the ball extended off to the side. The other part is the arm.... you can buy kits

that has all the parts of buy RAM parts ala-cart. The RAM hardware is mix an match, and some what universal. RAM

has mounts for most popular GPS and some universal mounts to hold iPad's if you are so inclined. There hare

handlebar mounts as well.








Here is a handlebar mount.



Here is the brake reservoir cover bracket



Off set base


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Custom machined mount, courtesy of a Canadian on this board. Press/tap fit in the hole above the steering head pivot (I believe the RS has the same hole), and is threaded to accept a standard RAM ball mount. Rock solid, and with an appropriate dogbone, you can position the GPS pretty much any place you want.




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I have the little ram mount brand ball that mounts in place of one of the handlebar bolts on my 1150RT. The basic ram mount hardware then attaches, as described above by others.

I move ram mount gps from bike to bike, as i have the ball on each bike.

I've actually been running my iphone 5 as a gps, using the DeLorme InReach device as the gps signal source, and the app that goes with it. works slick. Uses the same ram mount system described. the app keeps the iphone on (doesn't go into standby), and with it plugged into the bike 12v it runs all day. But I also have an older weather proof Garmin i'll be looking to upgrade at some point, as the iphone solution is nifty, but fair weather only, and small screen.

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