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Illium Works Highway Pegs


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I don't have that brand, but I have seen them on other bikes and they look good. I can tell you that highway pegs are a butt saver for me on long rides. Moves the pressure points around, which is a godsend.

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I had the Illium pegs on my K1600GTL. I have Wunderlich pegs on my R1200RT. The Illiums would not fit on the engine guards I have on the RT.

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Yes, I had those on my 2005 RT, I loved it and used it all the time.

It worked really good, adjustable forward and back.

It was easy to install.

It can serve as an engine guard to a certain degree.

When I crashed my RT, the foot rest broke off.


The great thing about these hwy pegs is that on long rides it allows you to alternate your riding, seating, and foot position.

Also here in Texas on hot days the RT offer too much wind/air protection not allowing fresh air to move onto the body/torso area.

With these hwy pegs installed and the foot rested on them, legs actually act as spoilers and channel air to the torso chest area.

Again , I loved these hwy pegs.


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I have had these on my 2009 RT for the last 3 years and I love 'em.

These are really nice for long rides on the interstate highway, the ability to stretch your legs out is great. I got mine early on when they were cheaper than they are now, so I feel quite fortunate. I highly recommend these. Good luck.

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Danny caddyshack Noonan

I've got those on my 2012. Couple of things to be aware of:

1. Ilium sometimes has supply chain problems with the molded parts so, there could be a delay depending upon that.

2. They are NOT maintenance free. Dirt and grit will want to accumulate on the detent ball and the holes. They definitely require lubricant which gathers the grit. When it does, the peg locks into position and does not want to move. I've tried a couple of things to minimize this and settled on small pieces of pressure sensitive reflective tape adhered to the fixed side yet covering the exposed edge of the peg when folded.

3. They do a decent job of rocker cover protection in a zero mph slow "dammit I"m going to have to let it go" drop. They stick out just enough to work as a guard.

4. I like the pivoting pads on very long rides. Let's me stretch some muscles out.

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Does anyone have these Illium Works Highway Pegs installed on their RT? Do you like them?
I did. I don't. Replaced them with a set of (uglier) Mick-O-Pegs. The Iliums made me try to bend my leg around the cylinder head. I gave them to a friend who is 6 foot + some and he loves them so maybe it's a height thing (I'm 5'9").
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I had them on my '07 and I now have them on my '12. I really like them. As others have already said they let you stretch out, and they do allow air to flow up your body on really hot days. A definite plus.



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I have them too, about 70K miles on them. I spray WD40 on them about once a year and they are fine. No issues, and they allow me to put my full weight on them.

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Nathan Margolis

I have them on my '13 RT. Had a pair of cheap pegs on the '02 RT that were about $100. Ulgy things and I would remove unless it was a 500 mile plus trip.

Choked on the price for Illium pegs in comparison to what I was using with older RT. However, Illium are high quality, don't look bad in my opinon, and from what I read- does save you if bike falls over. They are nice.

Have only done one 500 plus trip with the new RT and did discover that I never used them to my surprise. Reason why- new RT was so comfortable for me, did not need to change riding position. In retrospect, maybe I did waste money because thought they were needed.

My suggestion- ride your RT for a few trips and see if you need a change of riding position before you make an investment.

And no, I am not selling mind. :-)


'13 RT

'04 S

'73 Triumph 750

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I have this exact set and I love them. You have to bow your legs a bit and full extension isn't really and option, but they really make a huge difference on long rides.

Also, the 1 inch diameter mounting bracket that comes with it is strong and stable. I will be mounting a set of Solstice LED lights to the leading edge this spring.

Expensive but worth it IMO.


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