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2006 RT12 28 liter top box question


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Folks. I am in the process of (maybe) buying a BMW 28 liter top box for my '06 R1200RT SE. Have been thrown a curved ball by a vendor who tells me I also have to buy a rack. Again, this is to fit the BMW genuine topbox to the BMW genuine RT, which came with rack standard. I'm assuming she doesnt know what she's talking about as the part number she suggests is to fit a F800 range. I always assumed the box fitted direct to the RT rack. I am in Australia where these parts are very expensive so am shopping online to a German BMW accesories store. Just thought I'd ask the forum and any of you folks who have the relevant top box. Any input appreciated.

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My box mounts directly to my rack. All oem parts. No extra rack ordered I used the one that came with the bike. Just like the tank bag. But I'd be sure if the F800 box is the same for the rt.

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The vendor is throwing you a curve ball. Unless BMW builds RTs differently for Australia, BMW's 28L box will fit directly onto your bike's rack. You'd need a rack for an R1200R, but not for an R1200RT.

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I bought the smaller case too. One difference on mine:


The 28 liter case has longer rubber feet than the big one, making it more secure mounting up, but very difficult to remove after latched on.


The fix, for me, was to shave those longer feet down to the same dimensions as the ones on the bigger case with a small abrasive disc on a die grinder. Small electric sander should do the trick too.



The case I bought was originally purchased by a freind for her R1200ST, then used on her F800GT. It fits all three machines, no problem aside from the rubber feet on the RT.

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