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And then there was a wager

Ken H.

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On 12/19/2012 in a thread about the Newton Connecticut school shooting I posted the following:


“I’ll bet someone a $100 donation to this board’s support fund that a year from now there has not been one single piece of US federal regulation passed that restricts any type of firearm in any way. Do I have a taker?”


Richard, ‘MT Wallet’ took my wager, “You're on! I'll take that action(if it's legal here) wink wink.”


Me, “OK, Richard was the first to respond... If by, let’s say Dec. 31, 2013 to make it easy, new federal legislation has passed to put new restrictions on firearms in any way in the USA; I’ll donate US$100 to this board’s support fund. If not Richard does. Deal?”


Richard,” Deal!You contribute Canadian and I'll give U.S . From what I'm seeing the U.S. Politicians are stepping all over each other to be the first to offer new regs and legislation. The stampede is on. It will all be feel good stuff that doesn't do diddly. Side bet on that? LOL. Just kidding.”



It is with no pleasure that I believe I was correct in this wager. However in the spirit of the season I have donated $100 to the support of this board anyway.


Happy Holidays and safe riding to all in 2014.



PS: I have no intention of starting yet another gun control thread and will not participate in one should this post morph into such.



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As Ken has stated, the purpose of his post is not to start any discussions about gun control, but rather to follow through on some old business. Please keep this in mind if you add any comments.


That being said, I’d like to add a comment,


Thanks for the nice donation Ken! :thumbsup:


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Yes, Ken. Thank you. It's been received and is much appreciated. We're about to ask for donations to help fund the site for 2014, and you beat us to it.


Thanks again.


And now we've received a donation from Richard. Thank you also.


Stand-up gentlemen, both. Kudos.

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Congratulations, Ken. Good job sneaking in a political stance while getting around the rules at the same time. And with the Admin's blessing to boot.


I'm humbled. You're more clever than I knew. :thumbsup:


Edit; There are already, & have been for years, laws against guns at schools. A new one won't make a difference.


You can ban all the guns you want, but you can't ban the criminally insane.

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I'll have to send a contribution. I think some minor rules federally may have been enacted but we were talking about more than a rule. I expected to see a smoke and mirrors photo op. for our politicians with the usual hoopla but no effective measure.(Comment added for contextual clarification) Effbee, PM me on how to send funds.


Danny just an aside, back when we made this bet I think there was more latitude here on the scope of our discussion.

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