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Anyone ever go on a National Geographic photo workshop/adventure?


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Looking for advice.


My son (mid 20's) and I share a strong interest in photography. He has taken local photo courses and has gone through phases from micro 4/3 to film (including developing his own black&white) and now back to a full-frame dSLR (Nikon D610).


I travel a lot, but he seems less inclined to do so. He is an outdoors person and gets out to the back-country for camping/hiking/fishing.


Our local university and technical colleges do offer local field trips for hands-on photo courses. I guess you couldn't ask for much better subjects then the Canadian Rockies or Alberta Badlands, but I'm trying to kick-start a wider sense of adventure.


And I owe him a trip since I took his sister to Great Britain and Scotland recently ;)


I am fascinated by the Workshops and Adventure offerings at the National Geographic website.


So any first hand experience with National Geographic? Or can anyone point me to a discussion on the photo forums regarding the subject?




Mike Cassidy

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