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Fork Oil


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Happy New Year!


I have a question about fork oil. I just installed new fork seals on my 99 RT and now need to put new oil in. Do I have to get official 'fork oil' at $9.00 per Qt or will any high-quality 20w SAE oil do?


What do you guys use?


(We all know the cheapest thing on a BMW is the rider)




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The oil in the Telelever forks is only for lubricating the bushes and has no damping duties. Fork-oil is a low-foaming oil needed to be consistent in damping performance on standard forks, this is not needed in this application. I use cheap fork oil because I had plenty, but any similar viscosity oil will be good. I know of at least one rider who uses ATF as it has seal conditioning agents so reduces the probability of leaky seals.



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Yeah, I've seen AFT cited in the posts before. Looks like I'll be going the AFT route.


Thanks for your posts!



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