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windshield not working 97 rt


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Hi dcan,


We need more information to help you.


First make sure your battery is in good shape. It starts OK? It may be something as simple as a weak battery.


Where is the 'click' coming from? Does it occur pressing both the up and down rockers? Does the windscreen go up, but not down or vice versa?


The up/down relays are located at the upper left (as you are standing in front of bike) under the front nose fairing. If you get in there, remove and reseat the relays and the connector on the windscreen motor. Also a good time to treat these and all the other connectors with a dielectric grease.


If it turns out to be relays, you can get new ones from CarQuest for the same or less than from BMW - about $15 each.


I could also be the rocker switch. If that's the case, check ebay for a replacement.




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As one relay is used to raise the screen and the other to lower it, swapping the relays over is a useful diagnostic.



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I got the windshield motor to start working by putting a wrench on the shaft that goes to the motor and try to move the shaft. Something must have been struck, because the motor started working??????

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I guess it could have been stuck. Was there a lot of gunk in there? I know on mine, it tends to get pretty dusty up in there.


Glad to hear you got 'er working without having to spend a bunch.



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