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Clutch Disc Measurement


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I have really enjoyed the limited miles I've put on my 03 Twin Spark R1150RT since buying it a few months ago. Then I started following Roger04RT adventures ..... to make a long story short I decided that while pulling the battery it would be a good idea to pull the starter as well to check the clutch disc movement.


Damn... not a 1/16th like his or 5/32 like another report but more like a good 1/4. No hard downshifts but occasionally I would get a cold start minor vibration that went away when I pulled in and then released the clutch.


So as stated it is a 2003 Twin Spark, built 02 of 2003, 86000 km or 53000 miles. Interesting there is no rust on the shaft splines that I can see and no unusual residues.


So it looks like a clutch and spline replacement in the spring.

At least there is lots of reading and theories out on the net.


I think perhaps I'll just ask Dirtrider what he does/would do and go with that.


Roger I'm going to send you a list of things that are known good parts on my bike....please, for a while at least , only research from that list. And since this is the internet...the previous comments are made in the best possible humorous way and for the record I very much appreciate both Rogers contributions.

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When you do tear into it, please publish info on how worn it really is with 1/4 inch of rotation. It would be nice to know how much rotation represents the maximum just before total failure.


Do you know if this is the first failure? Have the splines ever been greased?


For those who think this mostly happens to the 2002 model, please note that this isn't one.



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Stan I'll be doing some documentation for sure.


From what I have seen and taken apart so far it hasn't been apart before. I don't see any lube on the input splines.





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