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R1200ST smoking on start up


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Just curious. Yesterday I went out to ride the bike with my daughter and when I started it up, it smoked for about 4 seconds, then the exhaust cleared up. I know that means oil seeped around the rings and I am not too freaked by it, but I was curious if anyone else has seen that. Bike was sitting for about a week on center stand.


Also later on in the day when I was pulling into a gas station I stalled it out, which I have not done before, I think I stalled it out because my daughter was on the back and I am not used to the extra weight yet. Started right back up but to me the bike all day long was being a little grumpy. I need to ride her more.



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Keep the oil level under control and see if it still puffs on start up. Could be a one time freak occurrence (oil seepage) or could be worn valve guides.


For your second "issue", yes the RT tall first gear can definitely cause that. As for the "grumpy" part it's probably time to check TB synchronization.

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Although not the same bike, but sorta related... My R1100RS has done that occasionally for the last 120,000 miles (out of 170,000 miles total). No real pattern to it other than having it sit (always on the sidestand) for some length of time. My bike does NOT burn oil between oil changes that I can tell. My R1150RT is worse about it, but it only has about 88,000 miles, so it might still be breaking in (it does use a little oil).

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Hi Richard, I normally don't even look at my exhaust at engine startup so I didn't have a comment for you until I rode on New Year's Day. My ST doesn't smoke on startup at 33k miles on the motor. I almost suspect a slight fueling problem especially if the motor hasn't been run frequently in the winter season. The lousy fuel sold to the public now days can degrade quickly. From mid Fall I run stabilizer in my BMW's fuel just to head off problems. I also park my bike in the Winter with a full tank of fuel that I've heard impedes to a degree, fuel destabilization. I used to do that to keep metal tanks from rusting, but no concern of that with the plastic BMW tanks. ;)

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Haven't some noticed that after their bike sits on the side-stand that same situation? (oil leak-down on the low cylinder)


I thought I recall reading that somewhere?

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My airhead did that frequently. The mechanic at BMW told me to shut the bike off, lean it to the right for a few seconds then park it on the side stand. It works.


My oilhead would do it occasionally. Just now and then it would puff blue smoke on startup. Always went away after just a little ride.


My camhead has never done it. I still lean my bikes to the right before putting on the side stand.


Both bikes would smoke better or more predictably if parked on the side stand when really hot then sat overnight. Its a boxer, once is no big deal.



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FYI just for reference, my normal parking drill at home is to park the bike on the side stand (left side lean) as I open my garage door. Then I wheel in my bike into the garage and park on the center stand.

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