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Footpeg Rubber Replacement


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So, the rubber on the rider footpegs has taken a beating over the years.


Picked up a new pair at the dealership.


Got home and gave the old ones a tug - nothing moving.


So is there something that needs to be removed (clip, screw, etc.) or do I shoot some 3-in-1 or dishweasher soap into the old pads and have them roll off nice 'n easy?

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same here. It is almsot like the metal is barbed. I had to cut them off and the new ones just slid right over the metal posts. Take the scrapers off though



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Based on the replacement parts I just received for my 99 RT, BMW has changed the following footrest parts to polymer (from powder coated steel).


46 71 7 687 107 THRUST WASHER, LEFT

46 71 7 687 108 THRUST WASHER, RIGHT


These are the pieces with 2 prongs that go into the footrest rubber, and fit against the footrest plate.


The powder coating wears off the originals, and they start to rust - leaving stains on the aluminum footrest plate. You can eliminate this problem with the new parts for about $10 (for a set of 4).


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